Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[Hatsune Miku] Look at me this way Baby [English Sub] [ProjectDiva 2nd-OP]

Project Diva 2nd - こっち向いて Baby - Full OP
[Hatsune Miku] Look at me this way Baby [English Sub] [ProjectDiva 2nd-OP]

Music: ryo
English sub: arklung
Gameplay Video: SEGA

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[Vocaloid Comic] Loli Rin and her weird friends [English Sub]

[Vocaloid Comic] Loli Rin and her weird friends [English Sub]
【鏡音リン・レ ン】ロリンと変な仲間達【miki】

Warranty: This video may contain Bloody scene, no recommend to pure-heart gentlemen and lady !?

English Sub: arklung

Sunday, June 27, 2010

[Hatsune Miku] Dear cocoa girls [English Sub]

[Hatsune Miku] Dear cocoa girls [English Sub]
初音ミク -Project DIVA- 「Dear cocoa girls]

Few days before Project Diva - Dream Theater release, just image that 3D graphics of the game... ah..... It would be wonderful.

Romaji Lyrics:
yahhoo ase ga hikaru
yahhoo KIMI no yokogao
motto atsui toko satto tsurete itte
mizugi wa KOKO ni aru no yo
rakkii totsuzen demo
rakkii yurusareru no wa
datte atsui kara patto tanoshisa wo genkai

ohisama koyui watashiteki kaikan wa
kawaru hiyake no
suhada wa yagate ICE COCOA!

seifuku hansode senaka wa
MILK aji no mama desu kara
natsu wo mazete amaku amaku shite ne
tokoro de kakugo wa dekiteru?
SANDAL tobashite asobou yo
koori wo kuchi ni fukundara
kotoshi dake no tsumetasa da yo to
kokoro ga kyun to shita

mattee hayasugiru no
mattee oikakenagara
zutto wasurenai sakki koi wo kizanda yo

hadashi no mama de watashiteki keikaku wa
atsui sunahama suhada ga maru de ICE COCOA!

sazanami kaigara hirou no
nodo no kawaki mo ureshii wa
natsu wo sukoshi nonde nonde mitai
GLASS no shizuku ga mune ni tobu
tooku wo yokogiru tori ni mo
yorisou shiroi aibou ga
narabinagara jiyuu ni miete
ookiku te wo furu yo

Monday, June 14, 2010

[Hatsune Miku] I refuse [English Sub & Chinese Translation] +Romaji

[Hatsune Miku] I refuse [English Sub & Chinese Translation] +Romaji

I refuse to accept~ all the stupid things in my life.
This who I feel now.

Original :
PV by: Atatata-P
English sub: arklung

Saturday, June 12, 2010

LaLaLa Eschatology - Sasakure-P

*This the personal view point, If you don't like this please press Alt+F4 to leave however.

I think the guy that went away are the same until end of this story, I had played PSP miku (Hello, Planet) mini game, inside got the letter that describe what had happened to this world, and the only "part" that make me confuse had been answer by this songs.
I can't find English translation for the letter part yet, but u can try use the online translator to catch the meaning if u feel curious.

follow sasakure-P playlist,
1, Kagamine Rin - The Weekend's Coming!
2, GUMI - Our 16bit Warz
3, Megurine Luka - Wander Last
4, Hatsune Miku - *Hello, Planet.
The guy leave the city becoz of war,
and then Gumi described what happened at the war (I don't think that is the view point of the guy),
after the war, the guy send out Luka to the space as a messager of human,
last, while hello planet, Miku wake up, and looking for the guy.
Inside PSP, there are Normal End and Good Ending. (yes, Buy It)

The letter's timeline part:
(Before the War) -> [The Weekend's Coming!]
(While the War) -> [Our 16bit Warz]
(Day 1) -> The war had end
(Day 2,3) -> explain why the war started
(Day 4) -> the guy go looking for Luka & that girl <-I think is Rin (Day 5) -> nothings had been found
(Day 6) -> found damged Luka, but after that the guy faint

(Day 7) -> found himself in the capsult, seem like Luka saved him
(Day 8) -> Luka told him that Rin maybe and passed away
(Day 9) -> He was trying repair Miku, he started to access the network
(Day 10) -> After the life scan on earth, there are only 39 human alive in this planet
(Day 11) -> He was the only human in this planet now, Luka seem like malfunction soon
(Day 12,13,14,15) -> the reason that he wrote this dairy was becasue of Miku

(Day 16) -> Put Miku into Sleep Mode
(Day 17) -> The left the Plant behind it.
(Day 18) -> He felt himself will dying soon
(Day 19) -> Put Luka into Sleep Mode as well. [Wander Last]
(Day 20) -> The sky started falling the Acid Rain.
(Day 21) -> He feel himself unable to breath well.
(Day 22) -> "The most important things while you singing is heart" this what Miku told him before
(Day 23) -> This is last page of the diary, wonder when Miku will awake?
(After xxx days?) -> [Hello Planet]

Monday, June 7, 2010

I got it, 1,000,000th view on くるみ☆ぽんちお

* this is no a photoshop picture, even myself get shocked, huh? Am I the number 1m who viewed this video?

At 1st, I was looking for a new Vocaloid video, but suddenly, huh? くるみ☆ぽんちお are going to 1m soon, then I will help flooding it. hehz.
1st refresh is like this:

after a few refresh, (I think I did 3~4 time) and then, wow!!!!

I Did it!! 1,000,000th view!!!!!!!!!

watch the video here!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Very nice real people PV made by kaziest69
For who don't have NicoNico account, also can watch it via kaziest69's Youtube channel:

[Kagamine Rin] Even a monkey knows [English Sub]

[Kagamine Rin] Even a monkey knows [English Sub]

Music by: Agoaniki-P

PV by: Chihosan

English sub: arklung

Story about a man who cannot do the job well, and very upset with himself.

Special thanks to ghostsubs,
He/she (!? Lolx) had given me a idea with this line,
足元に転がる楽な生きかた, (The comfortable life that rolling under feet)
Where bad things happened, she wants an easy life that she can travel through easily. It will roll under her feet as she moves forward.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

arklung00's blog moved

arklung00 Blog was moving to here, all previous post regarding song and translation will be re-post at here. Include any other new update.