Saturday, June 12, 2010

LaLaLa Eschatology - Sasakure-P

*This the personal view point, If you don't like this please press Alt+F4 to leave however.

I think the guy that went away are the same until end of this story, I had played PSP miku (Hello, Planet) mini game, inside got the letter that describe what had happened to this world, and the only "part" that make me confuse had been answer by this songs.
I can't find English translation for the letter part yet, but u can try use the online translator to catch the meaning if u feel curious.

follow sasakure-P playlist,
1, Kagamine Rin - The Weekend's Coming!
2, GUMI - Our 16bit Warz
3, Megurine Luka - Wander Last
4, Hatsune Miku - *Hello, Planet.
The guy leave the city becoz of war,
and then Gumi described what happened at the war (I don't think that is the view point of the guy),
after the war, the guy send out Luka to the space as a messager of human,
last, while hello planet, Miku wake up, and looking for the guy.
Inside PSP, there are Normal End and Good Ending. (yes, Buy It)

The letter's timeline part:
(Before the War) -> [The Weekend's Coming!]
(While the War) -> [Our 16bit Warz]
(Day 1) -> The war had end
(Day 2,3) -> explain why the war started
(Day 4) -> the guy go looking for Luka & that girl <-I think is Rin (Day 5) -> nothings had been found
(Day 6) -> found damged Luka, but after that the guy faint

(Day 7) -> found himself in the capsult, seem like Luka saved him
(Day 8) -> Luka told him that Rin maybe and passed away
(Day 9) -> He was trying repair Miku, he started to access the network
(Day 10) -> After the life scan on earth, there are only 39 human alive in this planet
(Day 11) -> He was the only human in this planet now, Luka seem like malfunction soon
(Day 12,13,14,15) -> the reason that he wrote this dairy was becasue of Miku

(Day 16) -> Put Miku into Sleep Mode
(Day 17) -> The left the Plant behind it.
(Day 18) -> He felt himself will dying soon
(Day 19) -> Put Luka into Sleep Mode as well. [Wander Last]
(Day 20) -> The sky started falling the Acid Rain.
(Day 21) -> He feel himself unable to breath well.
(Day 22) -> "The most important things while you singing is heart" this what Miku told him before
(Day 23) -> This is last page of the diary, wonder when Miku will awake?
(After xxx days?) -> [Hello Planet]

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